Toward a peaceful Mediterranean

Arci Mediterraneo Impresa Sociale srl is an organization that works for peace, hospitality and young people since 1990, the date of its foundation.
Born as a cultural club, in a short time it is affiliated to the National Arci Confederation.
In almost 30 years many transformations have taken place.

First of all they were transformations of a normative nature, which saw us become, with the various reforms that concerned the third sector, first unrecognized association, then social promotion association, association with juridical personality and finally with the last reform a Social Enterprise.
After the affiliation to Arci we decided to join the AICS network, expanding our partnerships.
We have worked in the field of vocational training, rights, culture, knowledge, sport.

We were among the first to take care of reception when at the end of the 90’s it was a theme without any attention, but that concerned the life and destiny of women, men and children overwhelmed by wars. We have started our commitment by believing in systems of excellence that will then evolve into the Seekers Asylum Protection System (SPRAR) and request the closure of the C.A.R.A.

During the years we have acquired know-how to make our commitment always more professional and serious, through the acquisition of certifications, accreditations and organizational models that constantly guarantee and improve our interventions, often having national prominence for innovation.
Today, after almost thirty years, the recognized association Arci Napoli, as a result of the umpteenth reform of the third sector, it becomes Arci Mediterraneo Impresa Sociale srl.

It’s always us, same location, same team, same tax code, same values, same commitment. But we know that the challenges are different: looking beyond borders and prejudices towards a Mediterranean of peace.

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